Andrea Silverman

As a writer supporting our online marketing team, Andrea develops the content strategy for Headquarterss and writing a blog post for social media. When she’s not at work, you might find her running, hiking, camping with friends, or exploring new restaurants in Brooklyn, NY.

Why did she become a writer?
In college, she started out studying journalism. Her whole family was in the business, so it seemed like the thing to do. She fell in love with the entire process behind writing from thinking about a conceptual idea of making the paragraphs and then developing the whole article.

What brought her to Headquarterss?
She was initially interested in Headquarterss because she loves the process of making an office feel like a home. Office spaces are close to her heart, so the platform itself was a huge draw. It’s cool to work for a company that she is genuinely passionate about.

What is a day in the life like for her?
Her days vary depending on our content schedule, but they are generally filled with design, writing and social management. She works with the marketplace and research teams to curate the right listing for our online presence.

Where does she get inspiration?
Inspiration can come from anywhere for her, whether she is visiting a museum, listening to a podcast, reading a book or walking around a park.