Coworking Spaces in Brooklyn

Retouched, vibrant neighborhoods with amenities every business can dream to have

Eclectic Neighborhoods

Enchanting brick murals, gritty-gone-glitzy neighborhoods, and a tantalizing blend of art, fashion, music, culture & style scenes – welcome to Brooklyn, Big Apple’s most populous borough. Strategically located and traditionally a residentially desirable borough for the working class, Brooklyn has been transformed in the past 20 years or so into a haven for office rentals.

There Are a Ton of Reasons to Pick Brooklyn as the Location for You Next Office or choose a Coworking Space here.

What to Expect

Plenty of young, talented employees; cheaper office rent; easy commute; and brick mural buildings 

Historically a residential borough, Brooklyn has a consistently burgeoning population, with a high density of young adults. That’s why it’s an ideal location for companies seeking young, brilliant employees. Expect re-purposed warehouses, residential high-rises, industrial complexes, and a raft of newly built offices.

The office space rent is far cheaper than averages in Manhattan, and elsewhere in New York. The average asking rent for a Brooklyn office sublease is around $40 per sq.ft while that of an office space staggers at around $48 per sq.ft.

Job Growth

Cheap rent, de-gentrified neighborhoods, and easy commute have seen job growth in Brooklyn outpace that of Manhattan by nearly 500% in the past decade.

Despite being home to nearly 2.7 million people, Brooklyn boasts some of the most eclectic neighborhoods within New York City. The 13-hectare Dumbo neighborhood is a welcome contrast to the dizzying high-rises of Manhattan.


It features warehouse-turned-office-space buildings, cobblestone streets, and a beautiful backdrop of finesses cafes, restaurants, and trendy boutiques. Even still, Dumbo offers breathtaking views of Manhattan skyline.

Lifestyle and Convenience

Everything you love about Manhattan without its hustle-and-bustle.

The extensive transport network is another big plus for Brooklyn. Pretty much every neighborhood is walk-friendly and has robust bicycling infrastructure. The comprehensive bus network, subway system, and commuter rail stops help millions get to, from, and around Brooklyn. While using a car is not a favorite choice, Brooklyn is by far more driver-friendly than its neighbor, Manhattan. Dumbo and Downtown Brooklyn are great office locations if you want to save yourself and your employees the hassle of long commutes.

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