8 Amazing Coworking Spaces in Soho, Manhattan

Soho is New York’s most trendy neighborhood. As a result the hippest people gravitate here, it is a real mecca for people who want to enjoy up to the minute trends in shopping and dining.

For those who are looking for simpler charms there is plenty of amazing architecture, lofts and galleries dotted along cobblestone streets if you explore the area carefully.

In Soho expect to find New York’s sophisticated set enjoying the eclectic mix of business, art and fashion. The area has a great vibe, and you can really feel the pulse of New York City here. All of the resident artists lend a creative and innovative atmosphere.

Soho is perfect if you love shopping, eating out and great entertainment, but is not such a good match for those who like a lot of space either indoors our outside. Buying or renting a home here is expensive and accommodation is often in short supply.

The key draw for Soho, alongside the great cast iron architectures, cafes, restaurants and bars is the bohemian atmosphere and chic stores.

1. Impact Hub NYC

Impact Hub NYC is a really friendly co-working space which is great for both business and community events. The people here are really helpful, making sure you have everything you need.

There are lots of great amenities here that you can take advantage of including free WiFi coffee and other refreshments. Of course you can find all of the usual business related perks like shared work spaces, booths, meeting rooms and a great communal space where you can mix and network with other hub users.

The look and feel of the hub is really modern; with wooden floors and open brick walls it gives a welcoming yet consummately professional impression to everyone who arrives, and somehow manages to stay relaxed despite the amount of productivity and energy that is so evident here.

2. Lair East Coworking

This is a great business community based in New York which offers lots of support for start-up businesses. The reception here is friendly and supportive, and there are amazing opportunities for meeting people and building your business networks.

They serve great food, perfect for grabbing that mid day snack and you can invite clients over for meetings or arrange a networking event over a good meal.

There are often meetings, panels and other events hosted here which you can take advantage of which can open up a lot of doors nationally and internationally.

If you are looking for a more quiet moment there are quiet private booth type rooms where you can hold meetings or work on projects but their glass walls and open style means you still feel part of what is happening around you.

3. Regus - SOHO

The Regus center on Hudson Square is in the SoHo neighborhood.

It is really easy to get to by car or by public transport and you can lease office space here. The office spaces are modern, light, airy and user friendly and they are really popular with tech companies.

It’s a really modern building so you get all the benefits of up to the minute design here and it the office spaces give you great views across the city, perfect if you are looking for inspiration.

The center is great for small businesses, creative types and freelancers looking for all the advantages of a business premises without any of the drawbacks of individual leasing.

The center also has a really friendly, collaborative and supportive vibe and they have even made some roof space available so you can take a break from time to time.

4. WeWork 379 W Broadway

This is a lovely building situated in a really great area of the city.

The glass-fronted offices and large downs give a really light and airy feel to the working environment and the industrious vibe make it an inspiring location for business meetings and day to day work activities.

They seem to have considered everything here including recreation with comfortable relaxation areas where you can grab a coffee and network with other building users.

This room has a really laid back feel with bean bags alongside the more traditional office style furnishings. This area of down town Manhattan is really convenient for running work errands or for organizing wine and dine events, there are great transportation links and a garage is provided for people traveling to work by car.

5. Cubico

Cubico is right in the center of Soho so it is a great place to set up our office space.

The rooms here have a light and area feel, plenty of natural light comes in through the enormous windows creating an upbeat and energetic vibe.

As well as the private office spaces there is also a large meeting room here, again taking advantage of the open space feel of the building, and it also has the advantage of a central location where you can send out for refreshments or enjoy browsing the local shops during your lunch breaks.

There is a vibrant community of small business people here all working towards an innovative and supportive working environment.

6. The Farm - Soho

The Farm SoHo is a real feast for the eyes.

The interior design of this business and event venue is just simply one of the best I’ve seen.

All of the furniture has been recycled from actual barn furniture, with the rich wooden desks and flooring giving a really warm feel and this extends throughout. You do, of course, have access to modular design furniture that you can use to host many different types of events here from corporate style right through to social functions.

Many different entrepreneurs use the space both as an office environment and also to host meetings and other business events and for social events, there is a DJ booth in the venue for use with various evening functions and parties.

This is a truly individual and impressive space in the heart of NYC.

7. Spring Place

You can find Spring Place in among the cobblestones and loft buildings of the Tribeca area of New York.

Step inside to enjoy the wide open spaces of this inspiring business hub which is currently the place that a number of designers, creatives, photographers and many other small business people call home.

There is a great vibe in this neighborhood and that continues inside Spring Place. The large areas containing individual and group desks, as well as meeting areas, are partitioned with glass to make the most of the natural light in the building, and high urban style open ceilings add to the feeling of space.

From places to meet, quiet rooms, open social areas and places to eat, this is a really great business hub and because of the great location once you finish work you can grab a great meal, take in a movie or pop into a local bar just by stepping outside the door.

8. Spacious @ Spring Natural

Spacious – Spring Natural is perfectly located for anyone working in the downtown area of New York City.

With exposed brickwork and tucked away corners it is the perfect location for solo working or to meet up with individual clients or larger groups.

Spring Natural gives privacy when you need it without that hemmed in feeling but it also allows the solo worker to be in an environment that allows easy contact with other people.

It never feels cold or impersonal here either so it gives off an almost working-at-home vibe with all the convenience of having the best of New York City right outside your door.

It is within walking distance of local transport too, so it is easy to get to and if you are not in a rush to get home, just around the corner you could pick up a Broadway show or a good meal.

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