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Dec 19
Medici will Become WeWork of Co-Living

Property Developers Invest in Dorm-Type Spaces Appealing to the Economical Needs of…

Dec 03
Biggest Commercial Real Estate Deals Of NYC

A lot is going on in New York especially and as far as commercial real estate deals…

Nov 26
Is This It For Lord & Taylor And Fifth Avenue?

Lord & Taylor is a big name in New York and Fifth Avenue in particular. It has…

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How to find Coworking Space in New York

The process of finding coworking space on our website is simple. First, visit the site and choose the specific location you want to do your work or conduct your meetings on the “choose location” drop-down and select the number of employees in your company. The number of your employees may vary starting from as little as five to a hundred.

After filling all the required information, click on the “Search” button and you will be presented with various locations on the specific place you have selected and the opportunity of exploring the best and desired coworking space.

Besides, the maps available on our website makes your searching process effortless. To access the maps, scroll down to the location category, key in your starting point and choose your desired destination or click on the map and you will find your coworking space within the United States.

In addition to that, if you are a member of HEADQUATERSS, you can either read or write some reviews concerning your experience with the coworking spaces we provide for our customers. Feel free to write any thoughts or opinions about coworking spaces.


Who We Are

HEADQUARTERSS is dedicatedto offering homeand ecosystem where you can make your business grow as an individual or a company,regardless of your location and your investors. No matter where you‘re from,we make your work of finding a coworking space and community easier. The following are the waysof connecting you to the best coworking space.

Book a coworking tour directly onour website to ensure that they are expecting you when you arrive

Send a message enquiring on the event space, meeting rooms and  the amenities

Send a membership request if you are found the right areaand wish to join

Make a reservation request – you can opt for instant bookings, choose the membership type, start date, andthe duration.


Why You Should Join a Coworking Space

If you are desiringto boost your productivity in any work you are doing, consider choosing the ideal coworking space onour website. There is alwayssomething uniqueand magical being around ambitious, determined and smart people all doing their work under one roof your productivity will skyrocket.

The peopleyou meet andthe friendships you form inside coworking spaces leads to new investors, partners and even clients that will help you in growing your business.