WeWork Alternatives NYC

The concept of heading to an office cubicle is disappearing fast. Why would you need to go to work physically when you can reach the boss by email or on skype? Better yet, why work for a boss at all when you can do your thing? Unfortunately, working from home misses that buzz that sometimes kicks up an imagination bulb in the head. It can also get a bit boring. That is why co-working spaces are the perfect balance between a traditional office and working at home. Here are some co-working spaces to try out in New York except WeWork.

The Farm

How would you like an office in the countryside? This is the feeling that The Farm tries to invoke, with its rustic working tables, bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling and wooden bleachers. You feel like you are reading the morning newspaper in a country cabin. You forget for a moment that you are in the concrete jungle of the Big Apple.


Space 530

There is a futuristic look at Space 530. Lots of white and chrome dominate the place. The walls are and working tables are painted white. There are chrome barstool types. It is almost clinical.  It is also the home of over 40 brands among them Zappos and MaxMara. If you are working in the fashion industry, this is the coworking space for you.



This is one of the oldest coworking spaces in New York. It is also n 3,000 other cities around the world. If you subscribe to use the ‘Lounge’ in New York, you are free to use the others wherever you land; very ideal for the working Nomad.


Croissant coworking

The share economy has been put to good use by Croissant coworking. Instead of leasing or renting space, and then sub-renting coworkers to use it, Croissant has a different approach. It partners with property owners of the empty property. It then directs coworkers to this space, charges them, forwards the rent and makes some money, a win-win for all. You can also share in the fun by downloading the Croissant app which lets you point them to promising spaces. There is a network of over 60 such spaces across New York.



The founders of Primary believe that creativity and productivity all start with good health.  That is why you will find people doing yoga and meditation in this coworking space. If you get bored with your own thing, you can get in on what other people are doing. The atmosphere of shared knowledge is encouraged. Primary members also receive complimentary Stumptown coffee.

Coworking can change the way you look at your working day. Check out the coworking spaces above and you might find one that gels perfectly with your working style.




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