10 tips for choosing Coworking Space

Test visit

The most important step. Almost every coworking space offers a free tour. You should definitely do this before signing the contract. Some Coworking offer free day or even week. Take this opportunity of the free test drive.


Usually, your members from your coworking are far more valuable than wi-fi, a clean desk, and good coffee. Make sure that the Coworking Space is investing in the community. Some Coworking Spaces allow members to collaborate by making presentations, introductions or acting to enhance the coworking environment.


Most coworking spaces host events (at least we suggest them to do), like Meetups, presentations, and networking events. Check out the event schedule and determine are you interested in these events or not. Also, check the possibility to schedule your own event. It could be really useful for your app launch date or for collecting feedback for your app.


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Every coworking space has a unique culture and atmosphere. It is important to understand what suits you better. Do you prefer to have work quiet or you prefer to work in the middle of a busy coworking space? Find the space where you feel comfortable.

Contract conditions

Read the contract carefully. You do not want to see some restrictions and limitation on the contract.


You are choosing a coworking not only for a space to work, but also you want to be more productive. You should feel the atmosphere in the coworking space and it should make you want to come to work.

Possibility to grow

It is usually impossible to do in small coworking spaces, this is why many companies prefer large coworking networks. Look for multiple work zones that offer enough space to allow your company to expand and contract.

Coworking management

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It is not really hard to understand how management work. Invest some time reading reviews online. If you see some complaints about cleaning, ventilation, heating, you should be prepared for that.


Collaboration can’t happen as easily in a cubicle jungle. The most productive shared office spaces are ones that are built for collaboration. You should choose what you prefer the most modern and trendy open spaces or a traditional office. You are going to spend a lot of time in the Coworking Space so it is really important that you could feel here like in your home.

Productive environment

Your working environment is not only your desk. Look for offices that could give you all that you need for productive work like printing services, meeting rooms, kitchen, coffee spot, reception desk, zone for relaxing, and zone free of work. All these perks will cost you, so choose responsibly.


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