5 critical steps to promote your Coworking Space

1. Know your people

It is important to understand what group of people you are building coworking. First, you have to understand are you focusing on individuals (freelancers and remote workers) or small businesses.
Let’s talk about the first group – individuals.
Here are some of the examples of potential customers who might be part of a coworking area:

  • They don’t have enough space at home;
  • They are attempting to get far from distractions at home;
  • They don’t wish to commute;
  • They need to work with their clients in a professional space;
  • They need communications;
  • They’re searching for a way of community and to meet similar people.

The motivation for small businesses is usually different:

  • They want to save costs that traditional offices have;
  • They are looking for an opportunity to find customers and potential partners.

Also, you should understand your audience and know who are your customers. For instance here is a pie-chart of one our partner coworking space:


After this research, you will understand your audience and will be available to create a targeted marketing campaign.


2. Use Social Media 1000%

It is highly important to take advantage of all the social media platforms. Today these are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

For starters use Twitter to follow your members, additionally as potential members. Have conversations or begin Twitter chats with completely different niches to assist network and build expertise.

Your participation in this chats will help to determine you as an authority in the coworking world and will assist you to stay on top of your game and provides your members what they need.

Advertise using Facebook Ads and be sure that you’ve got a page dedicated to your Coworking Space. more and more businesses get foot traffic and members from Facebook newsfeeds, so benefit of it. Also, once advertising on Facebook, ensure to focus your ads on local areas since those are going to be the people who can use your coworking space.

Use Instagram to indicate off the inside of your coworking space, your members, and also the events that you host. Instagram is one of the most well-liked social media platforms nowadays, particularly for bringing in followers, traffic, and business. Ensure you have high-quality photos and take good advantage of hashtags. Spend a little to make sponsored Instagram posts that may show informed everyone’s feeds.

Also, you should not forget to use local-based social services like Foursquare and Yelp.


3. Host Meetups

Workshop in Coworking Space
Workshop in Coworking Space

A few weeks ago WeWork announced that they acquired Meetup.com. For people who participated in some of Meetup events, it is clear that many of them were in WeWork locations.

So, it is a successful coworking marketing strategy to rent out your coworking space to host meetups, workshops, art marketplaces or even wine tasting. The fantasy here is unlimited. By hosting these events you not only get potential customers but also improve the public relationship with your brand.

By doing so, you could bring the entire community to your coworking space.


4. Partner with bloggers

Bloggers always need interesting content and you can provide it to them. Coworking space is a treasure of fascinating people. You have to use it to promote your space. The result of the work of your residents could be a great info for relevant blogger.

Youtube channels now are booming. You can partner with Youtube bloggers to give them real estate for their videos.

Also, there are tons of real estate blogger who will be happy to write about your space. For sure you have to submit your space to blogs which are specified for coworking spaces like CoworkNavigator.

Do not forget about local bloggers and newspapers. They still work great.


5. Show your hospitality

Some employer provides lunch for their employee. So, you as a coworking space can do this too.

Having more lunches in-space will significantly increase the possibility of new people meeting each other. During lunch people usually sharing unique ideas for projects, they are working on. Food helps improve your community, which is highly important. And not to forget food program would be a great bonus to a potential customer in the middle of deciding where they should set up shop even if you are offering lunch once a week.

Some coworking spaces have another great idea. They are offering child-friendly work environments. In addition to being a highly valuable add-on, benefits like this can attract parents who usually work from home and this is a very attractive audience for coworking market.


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