Top Coworking Spaces For 2019

There are many coworking spaces operating in the world today. Coworking spaces are called coworking spacesbecause they are spacious, they are accessible and they make one’s life easier. 


Neuehouse is an excellent coworking space for creatives. Here, you will find collectives including people from different artistic professions, fashion, design, fine arts and others. 

Located in Madison Square, Neuehouse has many creative types, as it is a place that attracts amenities for artists.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Meeting Room Access
  • Linus bikes
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Cultural programming
  • Printing

Members can enjoy other activities as well such as roasted coffees, art exhibitions, happy hours and others. 

Neuehouse monthly fees ranges from $150 – for communal workspaces and $4500 for private studios.


Ideal for tech entrepreneurs, Galvanize has opened its 9thcampus. Located in West Soho, it is in the center of New York City. It includes 6000 feet of coworking space and 55,000 square feet in total.


  • The amenities at Galvanize include networking, business, training hub, educational experiences, tech entrepreneurs and others.

Other amenities include meet ups, coding boot camps etc.

Galvanize is a place where people can get hired for tech ventures. Many tech ventures such as IBM’s Bluemix Garage innovation lab launch.

The Farm

Comfort lovers in New York should enjoy The Farm as it is a place ideal for comfort. Private desk at the Farm cost about $345 per month, whereas the shared ones cost about $179 per month.

Additionally you can also drop in their prices at $25 dollars per day with discounted conference rooms.

Moreover, private offices for large teams start at $550 a month whereas the members will receive round the clock access to conference rooms and printing services.


Finally, if you want to find a good coworking space in New York, Regus is a good choice for new business owners. 

Regus is a ubiquitous chain, which has more than 3000 locations across the globe. They have many spots in New York.

Those who are involved in businesses, those who are frequent travelers and locals as well, and you should work with those who have the right kind of equipment. 

Virtual offices are available for business professionals. With them, you can get access to professional business address, phone number, and other offices.

Voyager HQ

Located in Chelsea, Voyager HQ is now gathering space for different travel industry leaders.

You can gain expert knowledge plus investors or partners.

With 50 dedicated desks, there are three private offices and many meeting rooms.

Other amenities include Wi-Fi, coffee, printing access. 

Their month to month desks cost $249 per month and month to month desks costs $249 per month.

Other than that, they have 24/7 building access, 12 hours of private meeting room hours, postings, corporate partners and many others.

Green Desk

If you are into green spaces, green desk is ideal for environmentally responsible coworking spaces. Private offices start at $350 per month whereas hot desks cost $199 per month and then 30 per day.

Standard and low-tiered plans offer 9-5 accesses and premium plans 24/7 key access and security access.

Green desk has 10 locations through Long Island City, Brooklyn and others. They carry CFL and LED lights with motion sensors, reliable internet connection, outdoor patio, and it has more than 5000 members.

While there are many coworking spaces in New York City, these ones are reigning on the top. Make sure you brief yourself with and about them so you can succeed and make the right decisions.


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By Andrea Silverman.



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