There’s a brand new coworking space and it’s called iHaven

There’s a brand new coworking space and it’s called iHaven.

New Haven already has a lot of coworking spaces. However, the city’s small businesses seem to open one more space. Called the iHaven, this space will be targeted towards local colleges and student entrepreneurs.

According to the plans of the city’s small businesses, there was a meeting between officials where economic development was discussed. There, it was decided whether to meet the second floor or the City Hall.

iHaven will be gaining and getting a lot of attention. According to Graves and Garcia, they have already received $150,000 CTnext grant from ECIC (Elm City Innovation Collaborative (ECIC).

iHaven bears a lot of similarity to Collab. iHaven will be pitching a lot of competitions for new students so that they can showcase their ideas to their peers.

Idea Behind iHaven

According to iHaven, the new space will be targeted towards students and entrepreneurs.

Continuous grants mean that people are interested in their collaboration and they want spaces like these to open up so that people can find an ideal ground to meet, mix and match with each other.

According to the Vice-Chair at Development Commission, ‘I work at 59 Elm St. and have spoken with Continuity head about how this company will design a brand new space for 25 employees. Furthermore, he said that the company has had its employees remotely. He is also excited to use the space and put it this space to good and specific use.

Allegedly, iHaven will be taking care of many fronts. For example, according to Garcia, iHaven will be hosting pitching competitions for students so that they can showcase their talents.

Essentially, the idea is that iHaven is here to assist you, you, and the students in particular. It is the era of startups and starts-ups will gladly be opening their arms to such spaces as it gives them an opportunity to work.


The motive, as said now and then before as well, is that Garcia is trying to start their journey in order to figure out how to attract the locals. According to Garcia, their motive is to create a community around them to figure out how they can decrease their living costs and let them have the time of their lives through collaboration and making use of the latest technology.

On the whole, the city is no stranger to coworking spaces. Moreover, coworking spaces and non-conventional office spaces have always rented desks to people to facilitate ease for them. They hope to mix with one another in order to communicate with their employees.

At the moment, there are many spaces operating at iHaven including Grove, Agora, Chapel Street, District, Fair Haven, Urban Collective and The Range at Lotta Studio and others.

To Conclude

On the whole, iHaven is a new space for young entrepreneurs and collaborators who want to find a good mix of student-ship, college communities, entrepreneurship.

by Andrea Silverman


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