“Spaces” Picks Brand New Location For Its Philly Hub

Spaces“, a renowned coworking brand in and from Europe, is increasing its space on “Philly” with a brand new coworking-hub.

Ranging from 48,000 square feet space, the new coworking space will open at Rittenhouse Square.

There are many coworking spaces across the globe. However, this new space will open by the end of 2019 and will be located at 1626 Locust St. This will be the second “Spaces” hub in Philly, after it was inaugurated at 38,000 square foot location and went live last October. Its first space was inside Hale Building, inside the Centre City.

CBRE Research data reveals that there is a big jump in coworking spaces and their availability since 2017. It was said that over 550,000 square feet of new coworking space and incurbators were added in Centre City corridor alone, by the company’s count.

‘Spaces’ new location, Philly’s coworking footprint and the new setup will top and cover about 900,000 square feet and it will be spread between 22 different providers. Essentially, these providers include WeWork as well.


When we talk about coworking spaces, Spaces is a company we cannot forget. As far as their memberships are concerned, Spaces, their starting price is $350 per month for a ‘hot desk area’. Their private offices start at $600. Perks there include onsite barista, regular networking events, and then the ability to access meeting rooms across the Regus and Spaces network.

Spaces made a lot of effort with its first location as well. With its first flagship location, it got assistance from Philadelphia Historical Commission. Their lease was arranged by none other than CBRE.

Michael Berretta, the VP of network development for Belgium IWG, which owns both Regus and Spaces, said that their community of achievers are trying to look for a unique and inspiring workplace that chargers and fosters a brand new integration.

Moreover, it was also said that their expansion is in Philadelphia is yet a new example of their businesses. Their idea is to expand workplaces and modernise them according to people’s needs.

In Other News

In other news, City Readies a brand new Haven with coworking spaces. While New Haven already has a lot of coworking spaces, the city’s small business team is seeing an opportunity to open a new one one more time. They are aimed at the local college and will be targeting student entrepreneurs.

The city is not a stranger to coworking spaces or non conventional spaces. It is common to get self employed there and small business people rent desks are also operating there by in large.

At the moment, some renowned coworking spaces operating there are Agora, Grove, The District, Urban Collective, the Range at Lotta Studio in Westville amongst others.

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By Andrea Silverman.


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