WeWork The Largest Coworking Space Network

WeWork is the largest coworking space network in the world today.

Coworking spaces and chains are the best ways to attract potential members in different ways.

WeWork is operating in many locations and cities across the globe. You never know, you might have one of these operating close to your homes too.

Additionally, if you are on the go, AirBnb might let you find your closest WeWork place easily.

What Is WeWork All About

WeWork offers flexible membership options. With so many options, it represents a huge benefit to users that travel easily and frequently. You can either choose to go there for work or to meet clients or just have a good, peaceful time.

While WeWork might be the biggest coworking space network in the world, others that are following suit and are in the same space include:

  • Impact Hub
  • Your Alley
  • Knotel
  • District Cowork
  • Make Office

About WeWork

WeWork has over 341 locations in about 65 cities across the globe. The company was founded in 2010. WeWork has over 50 locations in NYC.

WeWork has over 50 locations in NYC and it is now becoming the biggest private office tenant in Manhattan.

WeWork offers a We Membership, hot desks, private offices and dedicated desks.

Benefits of WeWork

WeWork offers many, many benefits.

With such a whopping amount of locations across 65 cities across the globe, WeWork has more than 50 locations in NYC.

The basic memberships that they offer, with access to WeWork network. They use a hot desk, credits to book a room and their price starts at $45.

WeWork at the moment has over 200,000 members.

Founded by Miguel McKelvey and Adam Neumann, WeWork is estimated to have a net worth of $20 billion. It got a $4.4 billion infusion in August 2017 from SoftBank.

WeWork has a lot of potential but analysts say that if the company wants to have more, they should combine investors and analysts and enable collaboration and culture.

Founders of WeWork, Miguel McKelvey and Neumann, grew up in cooperatives. The former raised on a commune back in Oregon and then Neumann on Kibbutz in Israel.

With two different backgrounds, companies will work on both collaboration and environment alike.

WeWork started with 2 locations back in 2010. This doubled in 2011. Moreover, by 2014, it had about 23 spaces in 8 cities. The last 3 years have had explosive growth and they’ve had 55 locations in 2015 with 11 locations in 2016 and then 178 locations in 56 cities in 18 countries. Their recent cities include Mumbai, Haifa, Beijing and Israel.

How Does It Work

WeWork does not just buy real estate but it puts up for rent as well.

It always gives its spaces a face lift before it opens its doors. Moreover, according to the company, it used about 12 million square feet of glass along with 750,000 square feet of carpet, plus 8.8 million square feet of white oak flooring and then 9.6 million pounds of aluminium.

It has also installed 12,000 phone booths.

All and all, WeWork is a class of its own. It is the largest coworking network in the world, with many spaces across the globe.

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by Andrea Silverman


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