Coworking spaces in New York – 2018 Overview

With 2018 ending, Headquarters looks at the developments and growth that have taken place with coworking spaces in New York. From the number of coworking spaces in NYC alone to the average rates and contemporary features you can expect with renting space, there are more reasons to consider coworking spaces in New York City.

Coworking Spaces in NYC by Boroughs

Coworking spaces in NYC have become highly sought after among businesses and entrepreneurs alike. It is flexible, affordable and is considered a new age in the working industry. This year alone, an average 1000 coworking spaces have opened in the U.S.

The chart represents the different neighborhoods and coworking spaces:

  • Manhattan has come in the top spot, leading the coworking spaces by 176 units. Soho is increasingly in popularity with some of the best coworking units totaling 15;
  • Brooklyn has continued to develop with 36 commercial spaces;
  • In Queens, the competition for coworking spaces is on the rise. With exclusive office sharing spaces, Queens offers just over 7 coworking spaces;
  • Staten Island coworking spaces are under development. While many of its shared offices may present in the top 10 of New York coworking spaces, it averages 10 units with future spaces set for 2019.
  • The Bronx has seen notable increases in shared office spaces with around 6 units.

The Most Popular Coworking Networks

WeWork remains a top contender in Coworking brands and rental spaces in New York. WeWork possesses 53 locations spread across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

The Yard is also coming up as a fast-growing coworking brand. The company continues to expand. 

Regus operates on an international scale and has been recognized as developing coworking spaces across 3000 locations in the world. The region possesses multiple locations across New York City. 

The Farm offers renters a professional space to work from with an industrial theme. The smaller network of office spaces includes headquarters for designated services.

Spacious owns an impressive 16 coworking spaces at restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

Kettlespace offers 8 coworking spaces in Manhattan and 2 in Brooklyn with plans for development outside NYC. 


Coworking Space Monthly Pricing

Shared desk (1 person)

Individual offices have become increasingly popular among coworking spaces. It allows enterprises and startups to focus on its businesses and company goals.

For shared desks, in WeWork the prices are different based on their location. In Brooklyn, you will find $300 rentals while Fifth Avenue requires $450 and more per month. In the US alone, the average price for renting a coworker space is $195.


Private desks (2-5 people)

In a coworking environment, the private desk is a desk that belongs to you. These desks are considered private during the whole rental period.

Your dedicated space allows you to place all the necessary tools and equipment that belong to you and will not be shared.
The dedicated desk is used by 44% of people using coworking spaces according to a 2018 survey.

For renting private desks, you could expect to pay $700 per month depending on the location, the company and the square footage. In Soho NYC, you can find rentals ranging anywhere from $150 per month right up to $1500 monthly.


Private Offices (2~50 people)

A Private Office is a term that best describes a private office space inside coworking space. On the upper end of the coworking scale, the private office is utilized by more established businesses.

The company will have its kitchen area, amenities, fax machines, printers and an office space that is distinguished from the remainder of the rental space. It is the office area that is used exclusively by the business including its clients.

You can expect to pay around $1,890 for 2 seats private room in Manhattan.

Coworking Spaces Extra Features

More and more coworking space members want more than just affordable rental space. This is why many coworking spaces offer more than just a space for work and add quality amenities and events.

The amenities include the creation of fun or entertainment areas where individuals can relax, chat and socialize over a cup of coffee or a game. It encourages networking and building professional relationships.

Common Services in Coworking Spaces

  • Reliable and fast Wifi
  • Access to conference rooms
  • Access to utilities
  • 24-hour security
  • Cleaning services
  • Printing and scanning facilities
  • Good location in the city close to shops and gyms
  • Secure private lockers
  • Supportive and comfortable seating

Premium Coworking Services

  • Lounge areas for relaxation and networking
  • Showers
  • Free parking including bicycle parking and security
  • Baby change rooms
  • Free coffee
  • End of week parties and celebrations
  • Gym access
  • Pet-friendliness

Other 2018 Highlights

Wework is expanding across the U.S. including Las Vegas, Phoenix, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, and Pittsburgh among others.

CBRE is going to the coworking market by creating private office spaces by a new brand name Hana.

Spacious and Kettlespace increasing the number of new coworking spaces in New York restaurants.

District Cowork is creating virtual memberships, dedicated desks, and private offices.

The Wing (workspace designed for women) has opened new locations including Williamsburg, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.

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