We Company Makes An Astounding Debut

According to recent reports, We Company is debuting its latest coworking space by the name of “Made by We” and seemingly, it is making rounds in the co-working sphere by in large.

The new location, they say, is going to be located at 902 Broadway in New York’s well known location the “Flatiron neighborhood”. Amongst the many spaces available right now, We Comany’s space is another excellent example of coworking spaces and their forte.

The best part?

The company is open to public and there is absolutely no “membership” required.

We Comany’s Debut

The new company, due to launch soon, is made by We and it features almost a 100 bookable workplace with seats that will be available on demand. Pre-booking will be done through their website.

According to Julie Rice at We Company, everything that they do at The We Company is done from ‘spaces’, whether they tailor it to their service or if they intend to create important human connections.

Moreover, according to Stone, in Bluestone Lane, there is a special place that can offer daily escape to their locals through premium coffee, healthy eats and a very personalised experience.

Essentially, their idea and purpose is that it is open to the public. The idea is to “enhance the space’ and that means making it available for the masses, by and in large.

Stone suggests that like We Company, Bluestone Lane was born with a brand new vision to build human connection.

Bluestone Lane suggested that when it delivers a new experience with premium coffee, they will deliver a personalized experience.

The experience is quite exciting and a new venture all by it self but it is here to stay.

Exploring The Retail Side

This isn’t the first time “We Company” has ventured into retail. According to reports, the company has launched their very first modern market place at 205 Hudson in Tribeca and in June 2018.

Additionally, the company’s single outpost has grown in about four markets in and in New York with plans to now expand in the United States. The plan seems good and quite good internationally.

A lot will be offered at We Company’s new venture and a lot will be offered in the new space soon too, which can let people enter a realm of goodness and greatness immediately. Offering free food, reserve desks, full day payment, online and offline, and reorganization, it fits in a new structure that is well and this is going to serve a very well purpose for the company and the co-working space sphere too.

Coworking Domain

Coworking spaces are making their presence in the world today and a lot is going on on many fronts. If you want to make sure and be a part of this experience, there is a lot to explore. 

We Company is one of the many companies that is trying to explore the cowering domain and they are making a huge presence and mark with their effort. 

Stay tuned for more updates at Headquarterss. (Image.)

By Andrea Silverman.


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